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Sunday, March 24
1PM – 5PM
117 Ryan Dr, Rising Sun, MD

Reservations CLOSED

A Beginner’s Photography Workshop

When: Sunday, March 24, 2019 1pm-5pm

Where: SHP Studio at 117 Ryan Drive, Rising Sun, MD

What we’ll cover: 4 hours of interactive instruction! Bring and learn on your OWN digital camera! We’ll spend 2 hours on camera technical stuff, and another two hours on photography technique. See below for more details!

Who’s teaching: Kris Quiroz will be providing most of the instruction, and Samantha Harter will be on hand to help students and talk about interacting with kids for photographers. (Browse my site to find out more about me!)

Workshop Format and Topics

Class size will be limited to 12 so we have time for individual attention! We’ll have 4 hours of interactive instruction followed by an hour of question, answer, and social time! We’ll spend half our time on technical camera stuff and the 2nd half of our time on photography technique. As you learn, you’ll immediately put what you’ve just learned into practice on your own digital camera! (We recommend attendees bring an interchangeable lens [DSLR, mirrorless] or other advanced camera, but in reality the workshop applies to any kind of digital camera.)

Topics include but are not limited to:

Camera Technical:

  • How does a camera work?
  • What are those P, A, S (or T) and M settings?
  • What is exposure, and how to control it
  • Taking control of things vs. letting the camera decide
  • How do I get sharp pictures?
  • What gear is “needed” vs. what is “nice to have”
  • ….and more!

Photography Technique:

  • Understanding the light around you
  • Balancing subject and background
  • Balancing multiple subjects
  • Perspective
  • Posed vs. Active subjects
  • Anticipating the shot
  • ….and more!

Learn the techniques used to make the photos on this page and more!

Ready to learn to use your own camera to make AWESOME pictures? Whether you’re taking family portraits, vacation pictures, or becoming a social media warrior- our workshop applies to you as a beginning photographer!



Email kris@krisquiroz.com or call (302) 635-0725