About myself and Available Services

(That’s me up there working with a lovely bride!)

I’m an easy-going, professional photographer. I do equally enjoy both event and portrait photography, and really am most fulfilled when my clients are happy! It’s a special thing to be able to bring a smile to someone’s face with a simple picture.

Cameras and I get along just fine, and the best thing I can say about them is no technical aspect of a camera or lighting ever gets in my way. Cameras are only a small piece of photography. (In case you’re really wondering, I shoot Nikon most of the time, and Fuji on vacation.)

I find the best photographs are made when my clients are comfortable with me, enough that I disappear, and my clients’ own personalities and energy come through in photographs. I’ll certainly advise and consult from a technical photography perspective, but more importantly, I’ll always treat my clients as people.

Please feel free to contact me for any reason. Ideally to use my services, but feel free to reach out if you’re not sure what you’re looking for and don’t know where to start. In any case, thanks for taking the time to visit my site!

— Kris


  • Wedding

    I’ll work with you closely to make sure that we set ourselves up to capture the best memories of your special day! Full day wedding coverage is standard, from preparations through to the reception. All packages are custom tailored, so more or less coverage is always possible. I also do engagement sessions!

  • Event

    Just like the rest of the preparations for your event, we’ll work together to set ourselves up beforehand to make the best photographs possible. Daily and hourly rates are available.

  • Portrait

    I enjoy doing location portrait work! We can go to a location of your choosing in the Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey region to make portraits at a place that has a special meaning to you. If needed, I’ll bring along portable lighting equipment. An extra charge may apply for particularly far or difficult to reach locations.

  • Custom

    I have a wide skill range and am able to accommodate most needs including studio or corporate type portraiture at your location. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any need you may have!